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Online Voting Portal

Innovote is designed to streamline the way you manage meetings, flying motions/minutes and circular's.

Innovote was designed with industry leaders. With Innovote's online voting portal you can create flying motions/minutes, circulars to owners, electronically communicate to members and collate responses in an easily editable MS Word document.

Committee members can ask questions, and read your response all via the online portal.

Our Process


Create flying motion


Electronically send flying motion to body corporate members


Body corporate members vote on motion


Automatically collate and store results

Fast Answered Questions

What We Do

Do body corporate members need to login to casts vote?

No, body corporate members will be sent a unique one-click link they will use to cast their vote

Can votes be cast on mobile devices?

Yes, our voting portal supports all mobile and desktop devices. It is as simple as clicking a link and casting your vote.

Can I create a deadlines?

Yes, you will setup a closing date for your vote or circular. Members will be emailed reminders as the deadline approaches.

This doesn't quiet suit my needs, can you customize the portal for me?

We are dedicated to servicing the Strata industry. If you think there is a feature we are missing, please contact us and we will let you know if it is viable to create.

Can I import my property list from my current software?

We have a online bulk import feature. However if this does not suit your needs, contact us and we may be able to import your property list for you.

Can I attach supporting documents?

Yes, a votes or circular's can have as many supporting documents attached as your require.

Can I Customise the voting page the body corporate committee will see?

Yes, You can upload your logo, brand the page with your corporate colours and customise the text displayed on the voting page.

What will a voting URL look like?

The voting URL which is sent to the body corporate members will include your business name in the url prefix followed by For example:

Can you assist me with my account setup?

Yes, we can assist Basic and Pro accounts with their branding, and we can perform a bulk property import. Please Contact us.

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